Innovations 2007

3D search engine

3DSearchIT is a 3D shape-search engine, which provides geometry (shape) based search functionality to instantly locate 3D models based on shape criteria. Using this, designers and draftsmen can re-use existing knowledge bases to dramatically reduce time to market and improve cost efficiency. The search engine supports the major CAD packages and the neutral STL format.

Vinayak Kulkarni, Geometric Software Solutions

New low cost electric wheel chair

This innovative low cost wheel chair is made available at one-third the price of conventional wheel chairs thereby promising mobility for a large number of disabled people in developing countries like India. Moreover, the ingenious mechanism makes chair an easy for maneuvering and control.

Uday Karandikar, Scope T and M

New architecture for QoS management

New architecture forEisoAccess is an innovative solution for QoS management and scalable aggregation for Ethernet services in First Mile Access network. Using this solution, service providers are able to build economically viable plans to expand their networks quickly across the country and reach broader section of the society in a shorter time frame. The EisoAccess innovation lies in superior bandwidth utilization and network decongestion.

Sunil Mehta, Eisodus Networks

Battery operated bi-cycle

This bicycle promises to be the next generation low cost environment friendly transport mechanism. It has a low running cost; low maintenance cost and has both mechanisms of operation ? on electric charge or mechanically with pedals. The batteries can be re-charged using domestic electricity.

Ashok Kamate, Vidya Pratishthan College of Engineering, Baramati Dist. Pune

Development of an integrated option for ethanol production

Sweet sorghum has been established as an attractive alternative to sugarcane - as a feedstock for production of ethanol. Apart from providing an avenue to the distillery industry, this break-through reduces cost of ethanol production as well as energy and water consumption for ethanol production as compared to traditional process. The innovation provides complete integration of the supply chain ? from growing sweet sorghum to deliver industrial quality ethanol.

Ravi Kumar Rao, Praj Industries

Play pumps for deep well drinking water

These innovative pumps work by harnessing the energy of children at play for useful purposes and have low cost of installation. Besides providing a facility for children to play, the pumps provide the ability to draw drinking water from bore wells 7 to 60 m below ground. The water can then be used for several purposes like drinking, gardening, sanitation, etc. Apart from a step ahead in energy conservation, these pumps enable provision of drinking water in areas without electricity and for bore wells that are deep and hand pumps are unusable.

Ajit Bhandari, Span Pumps

Low cost alternative to un-ergonomic and expensive prosthesis

This is a low cost and ergonomic alternative to traditional prosthesis ? useful for people with disabilities and with trans-femoral (above knee) amputations. It is lightweight, has improved mechanisms and enables better re-habilitation of the patient. With economies of scale offered, it can be priced within an affordable range of a large number of people.

Prasad Dhume, Mechatronic Technologies

Clinical research in rural setting

This research over several years has materialized into identification and treatment of scorpion bites and snake bites (especially Krait, Cobra and Russels Viper), which has reduced mortality from 30% to less than 1%. The innovation goes beyond finding the remedy and developing trained health workers who can proliferate the delivery and results. This work has been published in several magazines likes Lancet, Tropical Doctor, etc. The work includes research to identify sources of fluoride poisoning and establish an alternative source of drinking water.

Dr. Himmatrao Bawiskar, Individual Innovator

Digital mobile lab for restoring manuscripts

The digital mobile lab is equipped with cutting edge technologies to restore and digitize the manuscripts. With this innovation, Indian heritage and knowledge embedded in the manuscripts that cannot be moved from their locations will not be lost ? it will be restored and made available in a re-usable digital format

Ramachandra Budihal, Mahabharata Samshodhana Pratisthanam

New effective cream to inhibit unwanted hair growth

Romantaque Aloe Vera Cream can be applied to the skin after removing hair. It permanently inhibits unwanted hair growth. The cream has cleared safety and efficacy studies for humans; completed animal toxicological studies and can be safely used by both men and women. Patent acquisition for the product is in progress as the successfully tested product addresses a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.

Mrinnayee Bhushan, Mindfarm Novatech Pvt. Ltd.

Wireless intrusion prevention

SpectraGuard Sentry Wi-Fi intrusion prevention system provides enterprise class security with an entry-level price point. With this solution, small and medium businesses can safely implement Wi-Fi networks without compromising the security of network. Moreover, the solution is simple to install configure and deploy.

JVR Murthy, Airtight Networks

New technique of dehydration/drying

The equipment developed deploys a new process of dehydration/drying at room temperature. It helps in retaining functional chemical content or physical parameters of the material being dried such as taste, color, and smell. The process addresses the challenge of dehydrating agro and food products effectively. Apart from being environment friendly, this process can be cost effectively used at multiple scales (low to medium) of operation.

Lalit Meisheri, Tech Know Consultants

Improvements in fluidized bed thermic fluid heaters

Fluidized bed thermic heaters have been improvised by an innovative use of intermediate thermo-siphon loop. This technique allows for in-bed heat extraction improving the efficiency of heat extraction from 73% to 80%, reducing auxiliary power consumption by 40% and also reducing the equipment size.

Charles Philominraj, Thermax

Biotechnology for agriculture

The biochemical formulations from this company improve organic carbon content of the soil resulting in higher yield, resistance to wilting and reduced cost of chemical fertilizer. These formulations along with the intellectual property developed address major ecological challenges and restore the fertile land getting barren due to excessive use of chemical nitrogen fertilizers.

Abhay Shendye, ABT Bioproducts

Innovative designs of machines

This innovator has been involved in several firsts in design of machines. His methods are novel and provide value-for-money to the customers. Some examples of his machines are: completely new mosquito coil manufacturing machine, world?s first automatic machine to produce high quality box file cases, a novel high speed PLC with natural cooling, world?s first offline automatic Mylar toy balloon folding machine, etc.

Harshwardhan Gupta, Neubauplan Machine Design Studio

Low cost CNC retrofit kit for manual lathes

This is a low cost user-friendly technique of retrofitting manual lathes. It takes only 2 hours to fit, the software is simple to use with no prior knowledge of G code programming required. The controller is PC based. The retrofit is a boon for small-scale lathe operating units, which can be upgraded to technology at par with CNC machines.

Shailesh Vaidya, Chroma Systems Pvt. Ltd.