Innovations 2008

iNotify: Innovative and cost effective way to realize last mile connectivity

An efficient sytem allows use of any Service Provider, Networks and ERP solutions. Hence, low infrastucture costs yet secure. Ideal for companies with large branch network in remote areas using mobile phones and simple GSM network

Ajit Gokhale, Mobien Technologies Pvt. Ltd
ajit [at]   / +91-20- 24471968 / 9890058590
A Gravity Actuated Descending Device - Simulated Parachute and Glider

Provides low cost entertainment for all ages and also encourages a spirit of adventure

Sham Antoorkar, Individual Innovator
indianinovatix [at]   / +91-79 25621329/9898142678
Wonder: Stops bleeding of blood from wounds and cuts instantly

Natural Product based dressing developed which can stop bleeding of Open Cuts and Wounds rapidly. The dressing once applied, can stay and can be peeled off when the wound heals

Satish Mohile, Individual Innovator
satishmohile [at]   / +91-20-32450202/9892117922
Cleanote: Innovative Packing of Currency Notes

Staple-free, secure, tamper-evident device for gripping currency notes

Prashant Chopde, Individual Innovator
praket [at]   / +91-20-25537432/9822035633
New Energy Efficient Process for Manufacturing Pigment Grade Zinc Oxide

A simple, room temperature, energy efficient process to produce Pigment Grade ZnO. Useul by-product is also obtained thus, almost totally eliminating waste production

Umaprasad Mahapatra, Individiual Innovator
sumita10k [at]   / +91-79-25343351
Wireless Sensor Network Applications

Systems integrating the use of advances in Low Power Wi-Fi and Speciality Sensors developed for remote area applications. Corrosion/On-line Maintenance and Environment Monitoring are two specific examples

Ashok Sabata, Aginova Inc
ashok [at]   / 7327807065
Water and Waste Harness System for Natural Stone Processing

Process scheme for use in marble stone cutting/polishing which allows a complete Water Recycle Reuse and also Recovery of Marble fines useful for many other applications. Major Environmental impact in quarry operations

Mahesh Desai, Individual Innovator
dmahessb [at]   / +91-79-2687109 / 25720252
Solar Powered Constant/Continuous Move Pivot Irrigator

Solar Powered Pivot Irrigator for Large Farms. Suitable for Indian conditions. Apart from water savings, uniform application allows a much higher crop productivity

Padmakar Kelkar, Bright Star Electronics
brighte [at]   / +91-20-25430768/9422306324
Environment Friendly Energy Efficient Ecocooker

Energy Efficient Ecocooker using normal gas heating designed with good Engineering Principles. Models available from Domestic [ 4 litres] to Institutional [120 litres]. The fuel saving in large models is 50 to 70%

Aniruddha Pandit, Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology and Land Research Institute
aniruddha [at]   / +91-22-24145616/ 9820408037
Anti Solvent Technology for Zero Discharge: A Clean Development Mechanism

Energy Efficient Anti Solvent Technology in place of highly energy consuming distillation processess for Waste Treatment /Inorganic Salts Recovery. A lot of anti-solvents for variety of applications being short-listed. First pilot plant trials in November 2007

Vijyeta Pandya, Geist Research Pvt. Ltd
vijyeta [at]   / 2642-652324/9426800208
Map Based Local Information and Discussion Forum

Map-based local information and discussion forum. Using available map sites, local information can be added for discussion and use

Unmesh Mayekar, Individual Innovator
unmesh [at]   / +91-20-25457673/9881064419
Waste Heat driven Power Plant for Cement Industry

Energy Recovery - Cement Plants have high temperature flue gassess laden with high dust content. A Waste Heat Recovery System with Power Generation has been designed and installed in a few plants in India

Ajit Apte, Transparent Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd
design [at]   / +91-20-24211347/9371092051
USB Pluggable Medical Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

Low Cost - PC based Portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

Ravi Ganesh, Surabi Biomedical Instrumentation
ganesh [at]   / +91-422-4399716/99449 34354
Cellulose Nanofibre and its Products from Banana and Plantain Wastes

A simple process to recover Cellulose Nanofibres from Banana/Plantain Waste developed at bench scale level

Varkey Mathew, Bananofibril Ventures
varkeymathew [at]   / +91-481-2567333/9846433696
Aquaread: Non Electric Water Level Indicator

A simple Non-electric easy to install Water level Measurement for overhead Tanks. Can help in saving large amount of water which is otherwise lost due to tank overflow

Vidit Kapil, Individual Innovator
vidit_kapil [at]   / 9415159032
Koolpool: A Systematic Approach to Ride Sharing

Car Pooling Network - Ideal for large companies with multiple starting points but one end point. Can also monitor Carbon credits

Joshua DSouza, Individual Innovator
joshua [at]   / +91-22-24458562/9987403032