Innovations 2009

ScriptMagic: Zero-Code-Change Internationalization

This innovation enables software to be used in multiple languages without the need for source code change. ScriptMagic does this conversion at low cost, in short time and with minimum requirements for QA. ScriptMagic supports almost all commercial software for Window and Web applications, addresses several verticals and is language neutral. Already in use in major Nationalized Banks and will be positioned in future as the Preferred method of Language Enabling

Rajeevlochan Phadke, Image Point Technologies
rajeevphadke [at]   / +91-20-32913211/ 9373366988
AyuSoft: Medical Information System based on Ayurvedic Knowledgebase

Ayusoft is an information system for Preventive, Curative and Restorative Healthcare. It is based on the extensive Ayurvedic Information base of natural products, their formulations and properties and the principles of diagnosis and therapy. The system will help doctors/vaidyas to improve diagnosis and treatment of the patients. The source database with added patients data will enable a variety of datamining applications for drug discovery and research. The system has multilingual support, and is sensitive to localization and already in use by vaidyas and research institutions

Dr. Medha Dhurandar, Center for Development of Advanced Computing
medha [at]   / +91-20-25704224 / 9881090633
3EBT: Economical and Efficient Biogas Technology

This is a unique technology for producing biogas – renewable energy source of industrial fuel. This technology uses castor oil cake as its feedstock, available in large quantities in India. It produces a high methane content – 75% - gas suitable for high temperature applications. The gas is free of hydrogen sulfide, thus eliminating corrosion. Special sealed dome design features ensure complete utilization of gas. The technology is in operation at 1 MT/Day of oilcake

Sumedh Bapat, Greenleaf Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd
sumedh [at]   / +91-20-2114222486 / 9881090693
Innovative and cost effective design for Solar Concentrator

This is a new square/rectangular shape design for solar concentrator. This design drastically reduces the cost of manufacturing and assembling of solar concentrators while increasing the available area and efficiency of the system

Prof. Ajay Chandak, Individual Innovator
ajay [at]   / +91-2562-271795 / 9823033344
Jeevcare: Innovative Floor Hygiene Powder for Poultry Farms

Jeevcare is an innovative floor hygiene powder for poultry farms that dries litter, neutralizes ammonia and makes poultry farms odorless. Reduction in pathogen load and resistance to insects has a positive impact on health. Poultry farm owners gain substantially as mortality rates are lowered, weight of birds is increased and expenditure on medicines is reduced. This powder is considerably cheaper and more versatile than its European competitors. Already in use in poultry farms, newer applications are being presently explored

Anil Chawla, Jeev Health Care Pvt. Ltd
jeevcare [at]   / +91-755-2427535 / 9425009280
e-Administration: e-Platform for e-Governance

This is an electronic, paperless automated governance platform introducing transparency and accountability in entire administration. The platform aims to integrate entire nation while addressing the needs of citizen. Built on robust technological foundations with front end in multiple languages, the tool is a single point contact for interaction with all government authorities and is real life implementation of Right to Information Act 2005

GopalKrishnan Devnathan, Life Line to Business-LL2B
krisdev [at]   / +91-44-42115995 / 9840852132
VLifeMDS: New Technology for Computer Aided Drug and Molecular Discovery

VlifeMDS is fully indigenous, modular, data portable, low cost technology for computer aided drug and molecular discovery. When benchmarked against competing state-of-art docking technologies, it scores on accuracy, speed and ability to handle complex molecules. It also outperforms in activity prediction with GQSAR in several therapeutic areas. The technology does not need any specialized hardware. Several lead molecules using this technology are progressing with one of them in clinical trials

Kamlakar Jadhav, VLife Sciences Technologies Pvt. Ltd
kjadhav [at]   / +91-20-27291590 / 9423476755
Surgical Cure for Type 2 Diabetes

This is a new surgical procedure to cure Type 2 diabetes with minimum side effects and life style changes. Thousands of patients of Type 2 diabetes can benefit from this and achieve freedom from diabetes and its associated complications like obesity, high blood pressure, stress on heart, kidneys, etc

Dr. Shashank Shah, Individual Innovator
drshashankshah [at]   / +91-20-25458133 / 9822026734
Earthbags : Building blocks for Sustainable Architecture

Earthbags are building blocks that provide an alternative of constructing low cost shelters without causing harm to environment. The technique is simple, consumes wastes of many types and does not need any expertise to be put to use. A How-to-do-it book has been prepared to help promote this concept. More booklets elaborating many other aspects of soil/waste selection, testing, preparation and construction are being made. Thus the focus is on propagating an economically affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative for construction in rural areas

Sourabh Phadke, Individual Innovator
soar.hub [at]   / +91-20-24356446 / 9850822226
Colama: Low Cost Platform to Manage Virtualized Infrastructure

Colama is a low cost platform to effectively manage virtualized infrastructure. Colama provides an effective resource allocation, monitoring and virtual asset management at affordable prices to small and medium sized organizations

Barnali Ganesh, Coriolis Technologies Pvt. Ltd
info [at]   / +91-20-27290187
Wet Dispersible Granules

This is a technology to create wet dispersible granules in the agro-chemical industry. Wet dispersible granules addresses the problem of packaging, transportation and distribution of highly toxic agro chemicals as the operator exposure levels are substantially reduced. The end result ? wet dispersible granules are easy to use from farmer?s perspective as well. Agro chemical industry can greatly benefit from this innovation

Nirav Desai, Cybernetik Technologies Pvt. Ltd
ndesai [at]   / 9890679855
Fusion FP Cathlab with Flat Panel Detector

This is first fully motorized mobile cathlab that integrates power of flat panel detector. This cathlab uses indigenously developed algorithms for image enhancement and the first certified Medical imaging software by UL for IEC 601 safety standards. This mobile cathlab has potential to replace much expensive stationary cathlab without compromising on quality and can be used by cardiologists and interventional radiologists

P V Gopal, Alpha X-RayTechnologies
alreja [at]   / +91-22-27423051 / 98220 34405
42- An Information Engine

This is next generation of search engine that incorporates semantics by incorporating context to the information. This platform enables exchange of information between humans and machines. The result will be an ability to search in a manner currently not available.This platform is all set to change the user experience of browsing and searching on world wide web

Abhay Shete, Individual Innovator
abhay.shete [at]   / 9822262063
Stem Cell Thearapy for Pre-Eclampsia

This is a cutting edge, novel application of stem cells to treat Pre-Eclampsia – uncontrolled BP and retardation of foetal growth during pregnancy. Pre-Eclampsia is an important cause of maternal and perinatal mortaility and only symptomatic treatment is currently available. Autologous stem cells extracted from the patients bone marrow are injected in the placenta/uterus. This is able to control the BP rapidly and also to restore key foetal growth parameters, thus, providing a solution to an important medical condition

Dr. Satish Patki, Patki Research Foundation and Hospital
satish.patki [at]   / +91-231-2656070 / 9823388858
Prevention of Emission of Vapor on Retail Petrol Outlets

This patented technology provides a simple, low investment, low labor cost option to prevent loss of gasoline vapor at the retail outlets during filling. A retail petrol outlet with capacity of 50 lacs litre/year can save about 5L Rs/year with an investment of 5L Rs. There are about 32,000 retail outlets only in India, which can benefit from this innovation which comes at low price and does not require maintenance or skilled manpower

Shekhar Kulkarni, Individual Innovator
shekhar.iittech [at]   / +91-20-24333102 / 9823016174