Innovations 2010

Keynote Speaker

Sanjay Nayak, CEO, Tejas Networks
Sanjay Nayak, is the Co-founder, CEO & MD of Tejas Networks, Bangalore India. Tejas is one of the first telecom product companies from India which is scaled successfully to become a leading global player in optical networking.
Mr. Nayak is a technologist with over 20 years of experience, both in India as well as the US. Mr. Nayak has a broad technology and business experience ranging from Telecom, Networking & VLSI Design.
Mr. Nayak has a M.S. in ECE from North Carolina State University and B.E in ECE from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India.

Speakers: Innovation Experience

Dr. Vikas Nadkarni
Dr. Nadkarni has innovation experience of 35 years in polymers & synthetic fibres in product development, process technology development & innovation management. After graduating with a PhD in Chemical Engineering/Materials Science from the University of Delaware, he worked with DuPont & Owens Corning Fiberglas Corporation in their corporate R&D centres prior to joining NCL in Pune. He established the research programme in Polymer Science & Engg. at NCL and was head of the Chemical Engg. division. Dr. Nadkarni founded the consultancy & contract research firm ‘Vikas Technologies’ in 1993 and has been involved in more than 20 innovation projects with industrial clients in India, US & Europe. During 1994-2008, Dr. Nadkarni was Sr. Advisor (R & T) for the ‘Polyester Business’ of Reliance Industries Ltd. and set up the ‘Reliance Technology Centre’ which he headed as Director for 2004-2008.
Dr. Nadkarni has 8 US & 6 Indian patents, over 100 publications in international journals & 25 new patent applications. He is a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences. He has also been a visiting faculty in IIT Bombay, UDCT, Centre for Composite Materials at Univ. of Delaware & Georgia Institute of Technology

Mangesh Kale, MD, PARI
Mangesh Kale has an impressive academic record. He graduated with distinction at College of Engineering, Pune. After completing his MS from US, Mangesh Kale returned to India to start Precision Automation & Robotics India Limited - known as PARI in 1990. Since then Mangesh has led the technology development of robotic systems at PARI. He has taken robotic software and control systems to levels that are unmatched - not just in India, but globally. Mangesh also provides a financial and corporate direction to PARI. He has been the force that helped PARI grow from Rs 15 lakhs in ’92-‘93 to Rs. 220 Crores in ’07-’08.
Mangesh was a national swimming champion as well as rowing champion. He still loves to swim in his spare time.

Dr. Abhay Bang, Nirman
"NIRMAN - Youth for a purposeful life" is an initiative by SEARCH (Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health) to create Social Changemakers in Maharashtra.
NIRMAN started in June 2006 as an initiative to sensitize selected youth in Maharashtra to societal problems and to identify and nurture social change makers. NIRMAN encourages self-search for the development of one’s life mission. NIRMAN provides guidance, expertise and environment to inculcate self-learning so that youth can lead a deeply satisfying and meaningful life. MacArthur Foundation Award recipient Dr. Abhay Bang, health activist Dr. Rani Bang and MKCL MD Mr. Vivek Sawant are the conveners of this initiative.

Showcased Innovations

Rain Making

Lavan Vajra is a novel, low cost, appropriate technology that will empower farmers all over India to do cloud-seeding to enhance rainfall in their villages. It consists of sprinkling common salt over the flames of burning wood or tyres and thus sending the salt vapors to the cloud base by means of the rising smoke. A way ahead to tap vast quantities of sky-water available in our skies.

Shreehari Marathe, Individual Innovator
drmarathe [at]   / 99704 35740

You, Me and a Disaster - Card Game

You, Me and a Disaster is a low-tech, inexpensive tool that is language and age free, designed to simulate disaster scenarios and facilitate discussions on the role of individuals and the community, in preparing for a disaster.

Shashwati B., Handesign
shashwati.b [at]   / 98862 85099

Seclore FileSecure an innovative approach to protecting shared information

Seclore is an information security company. Seclore enables document usage to be controlled before and after they are distributed. This means that documents shared with internal and external parties during a business transaction can be remote controlled. With this the receiver is able/not-able to view, edit, print, copy-paste, forward information from the document. At the end of the process/negotiation, it is also possible to remotely destruct the documents. Documents can also be programmed for self destruction based on time!

Sabira Fernandes, Rahul Kopikar, Seclore
sabira.fernandes [at]   / +9122 4015 5252 | Fax: +9122 6677 7404 | GSM: +91 98201 83546

Rotary (Roto-dynamic) Variable Compression Ratio I.C.Engines and fluid handling machines

RVCR is the next generation kinematic mechanism which reduces both fuel consumption and emissions and is the 21st century technology solution to the world wide demand for alternative machines for reduced green house gases and thwarting global warming. RVCR is applicable across industry like auto motive Engines, wind power generators,Pumps, compressors etc.

Das Ajee Kamath, GYATK RVCR Apparatus Private Limited
ajeekamath [at]   / 9895113495

Wellness and safety solutions for Seniors

Wellcore sets new standards for staying safe and secure, whether at home or on the go. Wellcore develops products to help you monitor daily activities and well-being of seniors, no matter whether they are near or far. Stay safe and in-touch, simply and affordably.

Umang Salgia, Wellcore Corporation
umang [at]   / +91 986 005 3225

Tree Climber, Pole Climber: Pole Pro

Pole Pro is a device to make tree-climbing and pole-climbing simple and safe. The lightweight, portable device can be easily carried in a backpack, and allows semi-skilled workers to easily climb poles while expending minimum energy.

Sham Antoorkar, Mushtaq Ahmed and Sham Antoorkar
antoorkar.sham [at]   / 079-25621329

NonClonable Security Technology

Bilcares nonClonable Security Technology uses random patterns of nano and micro-particles to create a non-reproducible, but machine readable signature, which can be easily read and confirmed on-line to provide a conclusive and foolproof real-time authentication system.Applications include national security, e-governance and highest level of anti-counterfeiting measures for any product including secure track-n-trace and medication compliance.

Raman Nanda, Bilcare
Raman.Nanda [at]   / Phone +91 20 3025 7793, Fax +91 20 3025 7703, Cell +91 98220 90425

DFMPro - A CAD based extensible tool for automated Design for Manufacturability (DFM) reviews

DFMPro is an innovative CAD integrated design for manufacturing tool. DFMPro highlights areas in a design which have manufacturability issues and also provides suggestions and best practices followed by the industry or the organization to overcome such issues. Current modules of DFMPro can process machining and sheet metal components. The injection molding module provides the ability to find out manufacturability issues related to plastics components at design stage. It also provides information to the users on design areas which are going to reduce the life of the tool or increase the cost.

Bhaskar Sinha, Geometric Ltd.
bhaskar.sinha [at]   / 020-40283507

The Adaptive Nearshore Energy Extraction & Supply Hydrokinator (ANEESH)

ANEESH is a low cost, easy to install & operate Ocean wave energy convertor designed to produce electricity. It can be installed on or near Low Tide Line of an Ocean on any type of sea shore due to its adaptability. The novelty of this device is it can produce electricity in the range of few kilowatts to Megawatts at an affordable rate, which is comparable with conventional electricity.This device works in off grid mode making it suitable for Houses, Hotels, Villages, Commercial Establishments along the sea shore.

S. G. Kanitkar/ Milind Dixit, Enviro Abrasion Resistant Engineers Pvt Ltd
envrpune [at]   / 020 27641463

A method for cleanliness at Railway station.

A simple, low cost device adopted for use in railway carriage toilet to avoid excreta discharge at a station for better cleanliness by a simple attachment to the existing hopper toilet system. This device does not allow discharge when train is sttationery but allows it only when the train is above a certain speed.

Rajendra Vithal Ladkat, Individual Innovator
rajendraladkat [at]   / mob.9226759450,tel-020-65202134

HyCator Reactor System

HyCator Reactor, uses energy dissipated by collapsing cavitation bubbles to modulate physical, chemical & biological processes. The system is equipments based solution, environmentally safe and cost effective for treatment of industrial effluents & waste waters, cooling waters, ballast waters, and synthesis of specialty chemicals.It reduces chemicals usage, saves water, speeds up processing time, is maintenance free, requires no operational supervision, saves energy and can be retrofitted and combined with any existing system and technology to make an order of magnitude overall efficiency improvement.

Anjan Mukherjee, HyCa Technologies Pvt Ltd
ac.mukherjee [at]   / +91 9820219947

Electronically driven supercharger

Researchers are supplementing engine power of a car by electrical power by driving auxiliary devices such as power steering by electric motor. Reduction of load from the engine frees engine power for propulsion. ELECTRONIC SUPERCHARGER enables the engine to develop High Torque at low engine sppeds where it is needed and does not consume enrgy when not needed. This improves overall engine efficiency and forms a cost effective solution toward reduction of CO2

Rajeev Madhukar Ranadive, Automotive Robotics
rajeev.ranadive [at]   / 9822546386