Innovations 2011

Keynote Speaker

Chetan Maini, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles
Chetan Maini is the Chief of Strategy and Technology at Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, Bangalore, India. Motivated by a desire to combat climate change, in 1994 Chetan co-founded the Reva Electric Car Company (REVA), one of the first electric car companies. In 2001 he launched the REVA electric vehicle in Bangalore and in September 2009 at the Frankfurt Auto Show he unveiled two new electric cars, the 4 seat REVA NXR and the 2 seat REVA NXG. In May 2010 the USD 7 billion Mahindra Group of India acquired a majority stake in REVA and the company was renamed Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles.

Chetan has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan with a focus on solar electric vehicles and a master’s in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, where he focused on hybrid electric vehicles. His interest in electric vehicles started while at the University of Michigan, where he was one of the leaders of the solar car team that won the GM Sun Race in the USA and came third in the World Solar Challenge 1990 in Australia. Chetan has 20 years’ experience in the development of six solar, hybrid and electric vehicles in the US and India.

Chetan holds patents in energy management systems for electric vehicles and has presented technical and keynote papers on electric vehicles globally. His papers have been published in several international journals.

Invited Speakers: My Innovation Experience

Dr. Shashikant Ahankari, Halo Medical Foundation
Dr. Ahankari chose to forgo a lucrative career as a city doctor and began the Halo Medical Foundation in 1993 with a team of dedicated individuals to help rural villages achieve more effective and affordable health services. Today, his work stretches across 2 districts, 4 blocks, and over 70 villages in eastern Maharashtra. Dr Ahankari has trained over 400 village health workers to provide health services within their community, thereby changing the way that care is delivered at the village level.

L R Natarajan, Titan Industries
L R Natarajan works at TITAN – Jewellery Division with dual responsibility of managing Integrated Supply Chain Management for both Tanishq and Gold plus brand, in addition to heading the mass market jewellery brand Gold plus. He has been a key mover in institutionalising the culture of innovation at Titan. He has around 25 years of experience in various capacities in automobile and agricultural manufacturing industries. Mr. Natarajan is an automobile engineer from the Madras Institute of Technology.

Talk on Homeopathy Nanoparticles

Describing it as a “fascinating observation,” a recent paper by IIT Bombay researchers has been lauded in an editorial “Do serial dilutions really dilute?” of the premier journal “Homeopathy”. The paper provides a key insight into the possible basis of Homeopathy, a scientific explanation of which has so far eluded researchers due to its use of extreme dilution, well beyond that predicted by atomic theory, by which the presence of any active starting active ingredient is ruled out. Dr. Shantaram Kane presented this idea during a special presentation session. ';

Showcased Innovations

Silent Observer

Declining sex-ratio among children and adults in India has already been identified as a major social issue. Regulatory acts and awareness programs have failed to work due to inefficient monitoring and enforcement tools for the regulators. Silent Observer is a device which attaches to sonography machines to monitor their usage and activity. It tracks and securely stores all data for cross-verification by the regulatory authorities.

Narendra Saini, Sukrut Systems
narendra.k.saini [at]  / 99690 46966

Robotics Teaching

i-Pitara is a Do It Yourself robotics kit. Students discover a hands-on learning experience on this multi-sensor re-programmable kit, which reinforces concepts of Science and Mathematics. It provides a visual programming interface called CiMPLE, which offers an integrated development environment for students to program and control their robots with ease. The learning modules are closely integrated with theoretical concepts and help students in developing innovative and creative traits. Through the comprehensive Teachers Training Program, empowers school teachers to competently implement the Robotics Learning System in their school.

Gagan Goyal, Thinklabs Technosolutions Pvt Ltd
vinay [at]  / 2578-9733/34/36

SMS Blocker

Mobile users across the world are facing a common problem: spam SMSes. Those unwanted SMS are disturbing, distracting and cause immense irritation. Optinno Mobitech has developed an innovative solution, a mobile app called smsBlocker. smsBlocker is the worlds most advanced & effective SMS antispam which blocks out over 95% spam SMSes on its own, giving users complete freedom from unwanted & annoying messages. Apart from this, some of the other features of smsBlocker include Hinglish spam blocking, daily block counter, SMS preview, single-click-block from mobile homescreen, simple graphical UI etc.

Sagar Bedmutha, Optinno Mobitech Pvt. Ltd.
sagar.bedmutha [at]  / 98909 99199

Sapience - Enterprise Effort and Productivity

InnovizeTech Software has developed patent-pending software, Sapience, which is a first of its kind solution to measure and analyze Enterprise Effort and Time Productivity effortlessly! Sapience measures and significantly improves People Efficiency in a highly automated manner. It captures employee time utilization at work, and maps it to activities and objectives, while being smart enough to ignore personal time.

Shirish Deodhar, InnovizeTech Software Pvt Ltd
shirish [at]  / 98900 18356

Sanjeevani Stretcher

Sanjeevani Stretcher is an extremely lightweight product that meets the requirements of ease of operation, safe handling and movement, and safe-keeping of victims in diverse emergency situations indoors, in mortuaries and outdoors on land and in water and also provides life saving options in case of marine accidents. It also provides recreational use options.

Rajendra Ladkat, Sanjeevani Disaster R&D Center
contact [at]  / 92267 59450

Sanitary Napkin making Machine

This innovations is a sanitary napkin-making machine that operates on a small scale. Contrary to a large-scale production model which requires Rs.3.5 Crores as initial investment,Murugananthams sanitary napkin-making machine can be made available to a buyer for approximately Rs.75,000. This allows smaller players to adopt the business model propagated by him, and generate more employment and wealth in the most neglected sections of society. It enables rural women to make world class sanitary napkins at their place. Sanitary napkins produced in a Small is Beautiful model can deliver livelihood, hygiene and dignity to poor women, and help strengthen the society.

Muruganantham, Jayaashree Industries
muruganantham_in [at]  / 92831 55128


The textile value-chain is characterised by successive stages of value addition that are primarily in the decentralised sector. However, the fragmented nature of the industry breeds inefficiencies that drive producers to compete on price, at the expense of quality. It is long recognised in the industry that the way out of this is to move towards vertically integrated units. However, such integration has been impractical on account of the limitation imposed by the scale of spinning. Micro-spinning seeks to remove this technology gap, thus enabling vertical integration on a small scale.

Kannan Laxminarayan, Fractal Foundation
kannan [at]  / 98403 29499

AutoCast - Casting Simulation

A novel simulation technique called Gradient Vector Method (GVM) is presented for fast and accurate prediction of shrinkage defects in metal castings. These defects account for nearly 3-5% rejections in the Indian foundry industry, dominated by jobbing SMEs. The GVM has been implemented in AutoCAST-X software usable, reliable and affordable forcasting design optimization and quality assurance.

Baba Prasad Lanka, 3D Foundry Tech Pvt Ltd
babaprasad_lanka [at]  / 98921 00072

Vegayan - Telecom Network Management

Vegayans SiMPLuS product-suite enables service providers to efficiently and effectively manage their IP/MPLS network. SiMPLuS simplifies deployment, operation, management, engineering and planning of large, complex MPLS networks. Its scalability brings effective control, optimization and improved performance to the network.

Girish Saraph, Vegayan Systems Pvt. Ltd.
girishs [at]  / 98193 67410

Apple a Day for Diabetes

This innovation is a novel finding about the use of Apple for sugar control in diabetes. Faced with a serious problem of high sugar levels, Mr. Parkhe experimented on self and evolved a combination idea of eating one Apple early morning, followed by vigorous walking exercise and one capsule of B-complex at night. His own sugar levels under control, he has been spreading the message for the benefit of others.

DP Parkhe, Individual Innovator
dpparkhe [at]  / 97671-73860

Mobile Safe Water

JAL DOOT is an integrated system which uses surface water from any rural water source such as a well, lake or river. This water is filtered in a specially designed integrated filtration system including a patented membrane from NCL which keeps all suspended matter including bacteria and viruses out. The entire system is mounted on a three wheeler and delivers pure potable water directly at the doorstep in an economical way.

Subhash Devi, Membrane Filters (I) Pvt Ltd
subhashdevi [at]  / 98220 99528

Digital Microscope

Conventional microscopy is strenuous for the eyes and cumbersome to record the findings. Digital microscopy is a good alternative in such cases. This invention is the cheapest available digitalisation of microscopy. Magnification available with this invention is 2.5 times more than the conventional digital microscope.

Mahesh Atale, Individual Innovator
atalemahesh [at]  / 98679 00055


Conventional floating drum biogas plants use fabricated Mild steel tanks as gasholders. These heavy steel gasholders provide adequate pressure at burners but steel is costly and corrodes. Plastic gasholders resist corrosion but lack weight. PRINCE plastic gasholders possess pockets on hood and side walls where concrete blocks are added to boost biogas pressure. Stackable design of digesters and gasholder improves transportability. For cattle-dung concrete digesters are recommended while for food waste digesters are in plastic. Gasholders are in plastic. PRINCE designs provides technological breakthrough for CDM projects where thousands of biogas plants are to be installed in short time.

Ajay Chandak, Individual Innovator
chandak.ajay [at]  / 98230 33344

Lifeplot CCD1 - Mobile ECG

Lifeplot CCD1 is a 12 lead simultaneous ECG device that acquires an ECG record and wirelessly transmits it over the internet into the hands of a cardiologist / specialist. The concerned doctors mobile number is entered at the time of acquisition. Doctors can then view the ECG on any GPRS/wi-fi enabled phone,as well as on a PC.

Gautam Morey, Sofomo Embedded Solutions Pvt Ltd
gautam.morey [at]  / 98901 18767